How to Plan Your 2024 Summer Bucket List (in Your Journal or Planner) (2024)

Are you dying to jump in the lake, barbecue, hike and feel the warm sun on your skin? Me too!

Summer is almost upon us, so it is time to gear up and make the most of those hot summer days.

And what’s one of the best ways to make the most of summer, and pack in as many fun things as you can?

By planning it in your journal of course!

Below, I’ll share my absolute favorite ways to maximize the summer time using my journal, with a peak into my own summer bucket list!

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5 Ways to Use your Bullet Journal for an Epic Summer

If you’re anything like me— summer is a sacred time of year. So I want to get on top of planning to ensure I make the most of every second!

Here are 5 ways you can use your journal to ensure you make the most of the gorgeous summer sunshine, and pack your summer full of fun ideas.

By the end of this post, you’ll know how to use your own journal to create different summer bucket list spreads that are personalized with your own fun summer bucket list ideas.

Figure Out Where You’d Like to Go

Obviously no summer bucket list is complete without some epic adventures!

Maybe you’ve been dying to hike a certain mountain, cliff jump into a lake, or kayak a river.

Make a journal spread of all the places you would like to go, and bucket list items you’d like to see along the way!

You can stay as close to home or far away as you wish. Get inspired by some of the cool things around you.

If you live by any state or national parks, that’s a great place to start.Local parks also often have fun summer activities, and can be done as a day trip.

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Other places you can look for that make amazing summer fun destinations are hot springs, caves, lakes, forests, an amusem*nt park, water park, etc.

You can also look for event-based trips, like an outdoor concert in your area, a hot air balloon festival, a marathon or fun run, or even just an upcoming local farmer’s market.

My Summer Bucket List “Wishlist” Spread

For my summer 2022 adventure wishlist spread I used a Winsor & Newton watercolor palette and a polaroid of us kayaking the Colorado river in Moab.

I personally am traveling around in a van this summer, so I made a list of all the places I know for sure I want to stop at along my travels!

Did someone say road trip?

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Creating a cute summer bucket list wish list spread will not only get you organized when you have so many great ideas to choose from, it is a great way to prompt you to dig into some research to be sure you’re not missing any great stops and landmarks.

Make a Memories Spread for your Summer Journal

One of the best investments I made in my bullet journaling kit was a polaroid camera!

Having photos I can readily take and print make bullet journaling about my memories so much sweeter, and it’s so much fun to use.

I went to Hawaii for a wedding a few months ago and used these photos to create a little photo collage in my journal. It’s such a fun way to create something to always look back on…like a tiny time capsule in my journal.

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There is something so satisfying about being able to look back at all of your incredible memories, so don’t neglect documenting them.

If you have kids, you’ll love looking back at how the whole family had fun, and how much they change over time!

Create a Checklist Spreadof Summer Bucket List Ideas You Want To Do

Ever wanted to go skydiving, rock climbing, or go on a multi-day backpacking adventure? Why not go now?

It is so easy to let our dreams fall to the wayside because life gets busy or hectic.

Jot down a list of all the crazy things you have always wanted to do. You may not get to all of them this summer, but the important thing is that you’re working toward making your dreams come true.

They don’t need to be expensive or far away from home. This checklist can be as simple as cheap or free outdoor activities, like stargazing at the top of a canyon during a meteor shower, trying to catch fireflies, making the perfect s’more over a fire with some good friends, or finally riding that scary roller coaster you’ve been intimidated by.

Log your Travels in your Journal

If you have never made a travel journal — the time is nigh!

When I was 20, right after my freshman year of college, my friend and I decided to spend two months backpacking around Ireland and the UK. A bunch of our friends in our arts program were headed to the study abroad program in London. We couldn’t afford the study abroad trip, so we decided to pinch our pennies and set out on the most inexpensive European backpacking trip we could have possibly gone on.

This trip consisted of taking showers in train station bathrooms, camping in tour guides’ front yards in the tippy top of Scotland, and accidentally jamming with a room full of blind musicians in Dublin. The trip was 51 days of pure bliss and exhaustion.

I am so grateful that 8 years ago I decided to bring a little Pentalic journal with me on this epic adventure. I filled it cover to cover with stories, quotes, ideas and tears. The little back pocket has train tickets, business cards and receipts…all the ingredients of an epic summer adventure!

The moral of the story is that even though my memories have faded, I still pull that journal out from time to time and flip to a random page and relive some of the wildest adventures I’ve had the privilege of going on.

So start logging your travels— you will be so grateful to have a record of all your fun activities and trips of a lifetime later on!

Create a Budget

Doing cool things often costs money, unfortunately. However, you can plan ahead and start saving for your summer bucket list so you can make the absolute most out of your summertime adventures.

Figure out how much camping reservations, hotels, gas, food, permits etc. cost if you’re planning a vacation.

Make a list in your journal of everything that is going to potentially have a price tag and figure out exactly how much you’ll have to budget! And be sure to add a bit of extra for any extra cost that might come up.

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Other Things to Remember

Having a summer you’ll remember for the rest of your life will definitely take some planning. It is absolutely achievable regardless of budget or where you live.

Make Reservations Early, if Possible

Remember that sometimes national park and camping reservations fill up quickly – not to mention flights and hotels – so if you plan on doing any wild national park adventures or travel abroad — start making those reservations now!

In the US, certain national parks such as Yosemite, Acadia, and the Grand Canyon fill up well before the season even starts. Camping in Western Canadian provinces of BC, Alberta, and Manitoba are the same – so book early!

If you did miss the window in the US, you can always try for the lottery to get in. This often involves showing up early the day of your adventure and seeing if there are any open spots or cancelations. Just be sure to have a backup plan!

Reach out to Friends

Everything becomes more affordable when you can share the expenses with friends.

Once you create a budget for your adventures, pitch it to some friends! Chances are, if you let them know approximately how much money they will need to be a part of these adventures and fun activities, they’re much more inclined to jump on board.

By splitting costs with friends, you might be able to add more fun summer ideas to your plans than if you are doing them solo.

And if your friends can’t afford the same summer bucket list plans you have? Make sure you see them anyway for cheaper or free activities, like a fun backyard picnic, or time on the beach perfecting a giant sandcastle.

Get Creative

Bring that main character energy into your summer! If you don’t feel you have the time or funds to go on a crazy adventure, think again!

Make a vision board spread in your bullet journal of what your perfect summer looks like. My favorite place to go for inspiration is Pinterest. Print some pictures and start visualizing it.

You can even look up “Top Things to Do” in your area or a surrounding area and act like a tourist in your city. You would be surprised by how many people forget to even see the local attractions and top summer activities in the places they live.

I promise that once you start planning and visualizing your summer bucket list, the rest will come easy!

Take Advantage of Free Things (and Almost Free Things)

Do you want to camp in really cool places, but don’t want to pay for campsites? Maybe you want to go to gorgeous places, buy don’t want to pay for hefty entrance fees.

There are tons of free places to camp and amazing places to see if you’re willing to put in a little work to find them.

My personal favorite ways to find free places to camp are through apps such as ioverlander, Free Roam, and The Dyrt. They all show free campsites, BLM land (Bureau of Land Management), and other helpful stops for travellers. They’re fantastic for finding potable water, laundry mats, showers, etc.

Other travelers and users of the apps will leave reviews and note important things like cell service in the area and cleanliness. You can also find information about other amenities such as toilets, hookups, showers, etc.

You can write down all the great places you find in your journal, and plan your route from there.

For more local ideas, lots of beaches have free facilities to play volleyball or take a bike ride. Other local activities like an outdoor movie or mini golf – while not free – don’t have to cost a lot!

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Leave No Trace

No matter where you go this summer, just remember to leave it just as beautiful (or more!) than when you found it.

Bring trash bags, stay off trails that aren’t marked, clean up after your pets, and be respectful of any neighbors who may be trying to also enjoy their adventures.

If you arrive where you’re staying and there’s trash— don’t be afraid to clean it up.

Whether you’re heading to a local park to soak up the summer sun, hitting the great outdoors overseas, or adventuring further afield on an epic road trip, we all have to do our part to keep these beautiful places beautiful for all to enjoy.

So always pack it in, and pack it out again, so others can have a great summer, too.

Happy Adventuring

There you have it— all my top tips to ensure your summer is nothing short of magical.

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Lindsay Aman

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Lindsay is a photographer and adventurer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is finishing up her 95 GMC conversion van build and then traveling the country with her Australian Shepard mix, Rooney. Lindsay graduated from the University of Utah in 2016 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in acting. She is passionate about storytelling, journaling, and living life to the fullest.

Lindsay loves documenting her travels and adventures through photography, videography and bullet journaling.

She is an avid traveler and has been to 13 different countries- with many more to come! You can follow her adventures on her tiktok (@lindsayamanphotography), youtube (coming soon), instagram (@lindsayamanphotography ), and her website.

How to Plan Your 2024 Summer Bucket List (in Your Journal or Planner) (2024)


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